Giovanni Franzoia and Maria Elisabetta Dallo


Lara Franzoia

General Manager & New Business

“I don’t miss anything“
Lara is our General Manager. She is in charge of D.F.’s strategy, as well as the organisation and coordination of all the company departments. She oversees all our projects and keeps in touch with our clients. She has been Chairperson of Sipao, which represents manufacturers of eyewear products, since 2019.

Sergio Franzoia

Technical Director

“I guide you through the whole production process”
Sergio is our Technical Director and, together with Lara, is responsible for D.F.’s strategy. He comes up with the best solution for our clients’ projects and guides them through every stage of the process.

Valeria Marchetti

Executive Support Officer

“I’m organised and always cheerful”
Valeria is our Executive Support Officer and assists Management in the everyday running of the company’s activities. Her responsibilities are both organisational and executive. She also handles marketing and safety management and coordination.

Andrea Scopel

Technical Office Manager

“I believe in precision, punctuality and creativity”
As Technical Office Manager, Andrea is responsible for the equipment used to make our acetate products, liaising with clients and advising them in every stage of their project, from when we receive the drawing and order to delivery of the finished product. He also gives technical support during project development.

Thomas Mondin

Machinery & Equipment Manager

“I’m dynamic, practical and reliable”
Thomas builds our moulds and equipment and is also responsible for the maintenance of all our machinery.

Paola Ciet

Production Manager

"I'm on time, confident and energetic"
Paola is our Production Manager, she takes care of planning and managing the production for all our clients, precisely following up on every step of the process, from the order to the delivery.

Erika Gelisio

Accounting and Administration Manager

"I am precise, attentive and friendly"
Erika is our Accounting and Administration Manager and takes care of all the administrative, fiscal and banking obligations of each branch of D.F.

Bianca Zanella

Sales Account

"I'm driven, flexible and curious"
Focused and versatile sales account, Bianca explores the market with great sensibility; she is an active listener and curious observer, ready to understand clients' needs and provide clear and on-point answers.