About us

What’s your idea? Tell us about it and we’ll find a way together to turn it into reality. At D.F. we have been working every day, for over 30 years, alongside the most important Italian manufacturers in the eyewear industry.
Eyewear is the field we have chosen to specialise in with a view to offer only the best to those like you who, every day, put their heart and soul into their work. Professionalism, service and expertise are the leading threads connecting technology, quality and reliability.
This is how D.F. grew, doing the same things well, since always.


The beginnings

The small workshop, founded in 1984 as a result of the brilliant insight of two workers specialised in metal eyeglass small components, has become a reality known and appreciated by large companies.
Elisabetta and Giovanni started out making moulds to manufacture eyeglass small parts using the cold-forging technique and the welding of microcomponents.


Today, their children Lara and Sergio are carrying on their parents’ work, putting new ideas into action and unleashing contagious enthusiasm.
Giovanni Franzoia is still a major reference in the company. A forward-looking advisor and a great supporter of new ideas. Indeed, because work is continuously changing and the future demands space.

Diversification and digitization

This is why at D.F. we have diversified production and digitised all areas. From technical production to administrative management.
By doing so, we have increased customer supply and expanded the range of possible processing operations. From cold deformation, through to chip removal via multi-axis CNC milling, and finally, laser marking and cutting.

Which are your needs?

Write to us now and we at D.F. will find the best solution for your work.