About us

What’s your idea? Tell us about it and together we will find a way of turning it into reality. Here at D.F. we have more than 30 years’ experience working with the leading Italian eyewear manufacturers.
We chose to specialise in this sector so we can give people like you, who put their heart and soul into their work every day, the very best. Our professionalism, service and expertise enable us to offer technology, quality and reliability.
This is how D.F. grew, doing the same things well, always.


Our beginnings

Our small workshop was set up in 1984, thanks to the intuition of Elisabetta and Giovanni who were specialised in the production of small metal parts for glasses, earning the respect of the leading companies in the sector.
They started out making moulds to produce small parts for glasses, using the cold moulding technique and soldering micro-components.


Their children, Lara and Sergio, have continued the work their parents began, introducing new ideas with their contagious enthusiasm.
Giovanni Franzoia is still an important figure within the company. He is a forward-thinking director and passionate supporter of new ideas. Because our business is evolving and we have to move with the times.

Diversification and digitalisation

To keep up with our ever-changing world, we have diversified production and digitalised our various departments - from technical production to administration. We are now able to offer our customers a greater range of products and processes. From cold forming to removal of shavings with multi-axis CNC milling, marking and laser cutting.

What do you need?

Get in touch with D.F. and we will come up with the best solution for your needs.