Precise moulds for perfect processing. Mould accuracy makes it possible to significantly reduce production costs and ensure a better quality for finished products.
The plate milling is choose when coining is not possible. Because the batch to be manufactured is very small, or it requires complex processing that cannot be obtained with coining.
Laser technology makes it possible to engrave and cut in multiple ways, on a wide range of different materials. Latest generation technology, accurate and reliable, to turn all your ideas into reality.
D.F. manufactures equipment suitable for shearing and thermoforming acetate arms and terminals in acetate.
Once the production process is completed, the finishing phase is essential. An obligatory step that allows you to check the finished product and adjust the details.

What’s your idea? Tell us about it and we’ll find a way together to turn it into reality.

At D.F. we have been working every day, for over 30 years, alongside the most important Italian manufacturers in the eyewear industry. Eyewear is the field we have chosen to specialise in with a view to offer only the best to those like you who, every day, put their heart and soul into their work.

Your ideal partner


For over 30 years now, we have been suppliers of the major eyewear companies. We understand their mechanisms. We anticipate their needs.


We meet your requests on time and with accuracy. Respecting delivery times is our priority.


We believe in change. We adopt cutting-edge technologies geared to turning all your projects into reality.

STEPSOur design process

Behind every product there is an idea that has become reality. Here’s what we do at D.F. How do we do it? In a simple way, following precise methods.


Before actually manufacturing components, at D.F. we take care of programming. By precisely defining the steps to be taken along the whole path.


Here is the decisive moment, the one in which we give shape to your ideas. Now we can test difficulties and problems related to production and resolve them promptly.


At this point, the industrialisation process begins. After careful analysis to define the nature of the product we are going to implement, we are now ready to make it come to life.