Products and Processes

The essence remains the same, it’s the variables that make the difference. By the essence we mean the experience DF has been bringing to the world of eyewear for over thirty years. The variables are provided by the technology that goes into the machinery and equipment, speeding up processes and increasing precision. But the wisdom gained with experience and those essential artisan skills are still needed to ply this trade. The addition of three engraving and cutting lasers and numerical control machinery has made today’s system vastly simpler and more productive.


Coining and shearing moulds: DF designs, develops and tests moulds for coining and shearing metal and non-ferrous alloys such as nickel silver, Monel, brass, titanium, Niclafor, aluminium, bronze and steel. These high-precision moulds deliver considerable cost savings and a better quality finished product. These moulds operate to perfection, maintaining dimensional tolerances and dynamics. We provide invaluable assistance at the design stage in order to find the most effective manufacturing solutions.

Manufacture of spectacle frame parts

The manufacture of spectacle frame parts: the best technology is selected according to the complexity of the piece, the quantity required and the timescale. These techniques include cold forming, shaving removal and laser cutting, to provide the best possible result. CNC machinery is also used for process recovery on all components. All our components are completed with barrelling, soldering, assembly, curving and bending operations. At DF we have a well-stocked warehouse of raw materials and we produce in-house semi-finished hammered items and other pieces. We also make raw metal frames ready for galvanising.

Laser technology

Laser technology: latest generation technology that makes it possible to offer customers complex engraving and cutting operations on a vast range of materials.

Socket punches and moulds for thermoforming

Socket punches and moulds for thermoforming: DF makes equipment for shearing and thermoforming acetate temples and temple tips, tailor-made for our customers.