DF, passion for innovating, since 1984

At DF we work exclusively with our own customers, guiding them all the way from that embryonic idea through design, development and manufacture of each item.

Our passion for our work, our experience and the consistent quality of our products are the key factors in finding the best and most cost-effective solution every time. This capability has enabled us, working at our base in the Belluno province, to become a vital partner for Italy’s leading eyewear manufacturers. While the range may increase, the area of specialisation remains the same, only thus can we retain the loyalty of our long-standing customers and offer a first-rate service to all those who come knocking on the DF door. Technology, quality and reliability are the hallmarks of the service provided by DF, backed by our professional standards and expertise.

This is the ethos that has enabled us to grow and to flourish in our chosen sector.